Become a Sponsor

The Musée Fabre's local, regional, national and European status is directly related to the support it has earned in the past from its sponsors and patrons. Ever since the early 19th century exceptional figures have made an impact on the museum with their prestigious donations. 

François-Xavier Fabre , artist and founder of the museum,

Antoine Valedau , prominent citizen and collector,

Alfred Bruyas , friend and patron to the artist Courbet and the Bazille family,

Pierre Soulages, artist.

François-Xavier Fabre
Antoine Valedau
Alfred Bruyas
Pierre Soulages

The participation of our sponsors in the success of current and future projects is a precious form of legitimation. By supporting the Musée Fabre you join forces with a major cultural player from your region with an international standing.

The museum in numbers:

  • 300 000 visitors per year
  • 250 masterpieces from the Renaissance to contemporary art
  • 8000 works of art and 900 on permanent display
  • 10 000m² open to the public with 7 500m² of permanent and temporary exhibition spaces

Your action as a Musée Fabre sponsor can manifest itself through numerous projects in keeping with measures in the Aillagon Law, August 1st 2003.

  • Financial sponsoring of various projects (exhibitions, purchasing works of art, restoration projects)
  • Sponsoring in kind with the provision of material or employee hours for specific projects

Projects for partnerships:  

  • Contribute to the organisation of major summer exhibitions
  • Participate in the purchase of works of art to enrich the museum's collections
  • Support a 'Culture for All' through innovative projects: tactile galleries for special needs visitors, installation of digital tools ( interactive applications etc)
  • Help the restoration of the museum's masterpieces. 

Bringing sponsorship to life:

  • Tax advantages on donations (according to local tax laws)
  • Privileged relationship with the museum: special access to the collections and its spaces for your clients and partners.
  • Extensive communication options associating the museum and your images
Leonelle Spada, Lamentation sur le Christ mort, une oeuvre acquise grâce à l'aide de nos mécènes

Leonelle Spada, 'Lamentation of the Dead Christ', painting acquired thanks to our sponsors. 

Make your business a player in the cultural development of Montpellier and its region by supporting the Musée Fabre. To become a sponsor is to participate in a great adventure of partnership and exchange with one of the most emblematic cultural destinations in the area 

Contacts :

Chloé Etienne, chargée du mécénat  - ch.etienne@montpellier3m.fr - 04 67 13 46 31