Post War, between Figurative and Abstract art

The question of Figurative art reoccurs frequently during the 20th century. It was shaken by the tragic episodes in world history as well as the temptation of Abstract art which was a major phenomenon in Modern and Contemporary painting. Between the two wars Jean Hugo's art (1894-1984) expressed the uneasiness of a turbulent epoch and the quest for a healing spiritual solution.

The work by the sculptor Germain Richier (1904-1959) continually questioned human identity, shocked by the Second World War and scrutinised to its deepest core. Abstraction appeared in the 20th century as a new path which enabled the expression of a modernity comprised of speed, passion and colourful emotions. At the end of World War II the second Paris School marked the global triumph of a generation of painters (De Staël, Poliakoff, Vieira da Silva) touched by the lyrical and spontaneous use of colour.

The Paris School

L'école de Paris

In this gallery hangs work by the Paris School where Abstract art triumphed during the 1950s and 1960s....

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Hugo Room

Salle Jean Hugo

In 1937, twelve painters including Georges Dezeuze and Camille Descossy formed a group called the 'Frederic Bazille Group'....

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Richier Room

Salle Germaine Richier

This exhibition gallery is dedicated to sculpture and located on the museum ground floor. It is consecrated to...

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