Romanticism and Classicism

The first floor of the Jesuit college, built in 1630 as the city residence of the Bishop of Maguelone, now displays work which highlights the tensions which traversed French painting between 1830 - 1850.

Painters were divided between classical aspirations (Ingres, Cabanel) and the expression of romantic sentiments (Delacroix, Géricault). They oscillated between a refined technique with precise drawing and the liberation of passions expressed through the force of colours, between ancient and modern history (Monvoisin) and between the European world and an idealised Orient.

Landscape painting was also profoundly revived. It was divided between a taste for the picturesque (Richard, Danvin) and the expression of a new sensitivity for a humanised and poetic nature (Corot, Rousseau). These diverse aspirations are notable in the collection of Alfred Bruyas (1821-1877), a collector who was as rich as he was impassioned. He dedicated his life and his fortune to supporting art of his time. His collection was unique in its genre and he bequeathed it to the museum in his native city.


Salle Romantisme

Opening the Modern and Contemporary trail, this vaulted gallery holds works from the first half of the 19th...

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Préault Room

Salle Préault

This vaulted room holds large scale Romantic works, united in their taste for anecdotes; whether picturesque landscapes of...

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Bruyas Gallery

Galerie Bruyas

This long gallery, opening onto the Bazille court, holds small scale works from Alfred Bruyas' private collection, with...

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Delacroix and Orientalism

Salle Delacroix et l'orientalisme

The masterpieces by Delacroix, 'The Women of Algiers' and 'Moroccans Conducting Military Exercises', acquired by Alfred Bruyas are...

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Ingres and The School of Fine Arts

Salle Ingres et l'école des beaux arts

Gathered around the figure of Ingres, the leader of the Classical school, is a collection of works revealing...

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Cabanel and The Academy

Salle Cabanel et l'Académie

This room was created during the renovation of the Musée Fabre. It pays tribute to the Montpellier painter...

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Injalbert Gallery

Galerie Injalbert

This brightly lit gallery is a covered area between the Bazille and Bourdon courts. It enables visitors to...

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