The Taste of Diderot

  • The Musée Fabre Education Service produced a document to accompany the exhibition :
  • Writing Competition "Diderot, Text and Image 2013"

Looking at the exhibition 'The Taste of Diderot' from October 5th 2013 - January 12th 2014. To celebrate 300 years since the birth of Denis Diderot, the regional literature education inspectorate, the history-literature education inspectorate and the Academy culture delegation created the writing competition "Diderot, Text and Image 2013" open to Academy Lycée classes. Some 5,135 students visited the exhibition.

The prize ceremony for the Diderot competition took place May 28th 2014 in the Musée Fabre auditorium. This event was the occasion for the museum to officially welcome Madame Le Pellec Muller, rector of Montpellier Academy, in the presence of Mme Bartolini, Academy minister for Artistic and Cultural Education, Mme Anne Vibert, General Inspectorate for National Education IGEN de Lettres and Mme Caudrelier, Education councillor for Art and Culture from the Regional Direction for Culture, Languedoc-Roussillon.

3 individual prizes were awarded


3 group prizes were awarded


2 group certificates of merit were awarded