Jean Fournier Galerie Invitation Cards

When it reopened in 2007 the Musée Fabre decided to pay tribute to Jean Fournier (1922 - 2006), the art collector and gallery owner who had left his mark on the Paris art scene from the 1950s up until the present day. On this occasion the Jean Fournier Galerie invited the museum to digitise the entire collection of invitation cards; an archive witness to the gallery owner's choices. 

More informations about the exhibition

Jean Fournier was a tireless defender of painting and emerging conceptual art, photography and video. Fournier was taken by North American artists living in France such as Paul Riopelle and Joan Mitchell and he showed works by the groups BMPT (Buren, Parmentier…) and Supports-Surfaces (Viallat…). He was also strongly linked to Simon Hantaï and Sam Francis. His choices always took the direction of abstract and radical art; thrifty methods, a refusal of virtuosity to leave way for colour to take its full place and its full meaning. 

De 1955 à 1959 22.88 MB
De 1962 à 1969 16.99 MB
De 1971 à 1979 5.65 MB
De 1980 à 1989 11.37 MB
De 1990 à 1999 11.43 MB
De 2000 à 2006 6.67 MB