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Albert Dupin was a French artist, sculptor of abstract inspired bas-reliefs and wall compositions. He was born in Toulouse ((Haute-Garonne) on April 29th 1910 and he studied at the city's School of Fine Arts from 1926 - 1928. In 1945 he showed his sculptural compositions at the 'Salon d'Automne' which he would later join. Following this, he associated with the group of artists called 'Montpellier-Sète', founded in 1964. He participated in the first 'Salon de la Jeune Sculpture' in 1950-1951 which was held at the Rodin Museum. In 1954 he was part of the May Salon. The group which was formed around the artist François Desnoyer, brought together artists such as Gabriel Couderc, Camille Descossy, Jean Milhau, Gérard Calvet and Elie Sarthou. They were not united by their aesthetic but by their attachment to the South of France. Dupin was the only sculptor to have joined the group.

He left his mark at the Paul Valéry University in Montpellier where he created the wall for the casts museum in 1965 and a collection of sculptures for the science faculty. Later in life he moved to the village of Octon, Languedoc Roussillon where he died in 2005. 

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