Calvet Archives

Gérard Calvet was born in 1926 in Conilhac-Corbières (Aude). He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris from 1945 - 1950. He took part in his first exhibition in Paris alongside the sculptor Georges Oudot who he had met during his studies. In 1952 he moved to Montpellier where he joined the group 'Montpellier - Sète', led by François Desnoyer. This group brought together artists native to the region, or those who had fallen in love with it, such as Camille Descossy, Georges Dezeuze, Jean R. Bessil, Gabriel Couderc and Pierre Fournel. At this time Calvet's painting was turned towards colour and found its place within this new pictorial universe. His themes were deeply marked by his love of the earth, coastlines, fruits and the human body, and they led him to explore the 'Deep South' of the Mediterranean, from Spain to Italy.
As well as painting he created theatre scenery and costumes, notably for the Printemps de Comédiens (Actors Spring) from 1988 - 1991, and posters (SNCF Pyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon). He is a member of the Montpellier Academy of Sciences and Letters.