Disabled Visitors

Ever since the redevelopment project the Musée Fabre has given priority to welcoming all visitors and making the museum accessible for people with disabilities.

Our priority is to treat each of the 4 types of disability with the same dynamic and in partnership with representative associations and institutions in order to guarantee equal access to our art collections for everybody. 

To meet this objective the museum's Public Service offers different regular activities for individual visitors. There are also devices to accompany and assist self-guided visits (leaflets and multimedia tools). 

The range of permanently available adapted options is presented in the leaflet 'The Musée Fabre without exceptions!' The guide for disabled visitors is available from the museum reception or to download on this site. 

The guide 'The Museum in Comfort' offers a logical and self-guided visit of the permanent collections for individual visitors with special mobility needs or subject to fatigue. Wheelchairs and folding chairs are available on request from reception. 

Today, we want to build a relationship with visitors which goes beyond occasional visits, we want visitors to develop a long term sense of ownership of the place and the rich resources. 

Different speakers, art historians and artists have created new ways of looking at the collections, using the senses, demonstrations and visitor participation. They have also created different multi-sensorial devices (models, interpretation kits, olfactory and sound kits) which enlighten and facilitate visits so that each visitor can make the most of their visit to the museum and enjoy a moment of pleasure and learning. 

In order to meet specific needs for certain structures we can provide made-to-measure solutions in the form of specially designed annual projects. 

The Public Service is at your service for further information about this subject.

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