FRAME  (French Regional American Museum Exchange) is a network of 26 regional French and North-American regional museums whose vocation is to encourage the development and production of bilateral and shared exhibition and educational programmes. It is a unique organisation in the context of cultural relationships between France and North America (The United States and Canada). The Musée Fabre of Montpellier is a founding member and, since its origins, has been linked to the creation of the FRAME network. 

FRAME was founded in 1999 by Elizabeth Rohatyn, wife of Félix Rohatyn, United States Ambassador in France, 1997 - 2000. Françoise Cachin (1936-2011), director of the public service Musées de France, was a co-founder of FRAME. When it began the association counted 18 member museums (nine American museums and nine French museums). It grew over the years to include a wide range of museums and regions, both in France and North America. FRAME is a non-profit American organisation and is the first permanent bi-lateral exchange programme based on partnerships developed between its members. 

The Missions
FRAME helps strengthen cultural and research collaborations between three countries by encouraging the sharing of artworks, skills and experience. FRAME promotes the cultural cooperation between North American and French museums. It seeks to develop the movement and exchange of works of art, ideas, technologies and resources with the aim of producing exhibitions of a high academic quality, to make exceptional collections known to a wide public on both sides of the Atlantic, to develop innovative educational programs and to encourage working exchanges between museum professionals. The FRAME delegation during the Annual Congress in November 2014 at the Musée des Beaux Arts in Dijon. 

La délégation FRAME lors du congrès annuel de l'association en novembre 2014 au musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon © Roxanne Gauthier Photographe

FRAME and the Musée Fabre

The Musée Fabre has long been one of the key players in FRAME. It actively participates in the network by organising and hosting highly reputed exhibitions under the aegis of FRAME; the first being ' Made in USA: American Art 1908 - 1947 ' in 2001 followed by ' Sacred Symbols ' in 2002. The Musée Fabre was one of the organisers of the exhibition ' The Triumph of French Painting ' in Portland in 2003 which brought together forty masterpieces from 17th century French art. When the museum closed for renovation this was the occasion for the touring exhibition ' Bonjour Monsieur Courbet, The Bruyas Collection from the Musée Fabre, Montpellier ' in 2003-2004  in America (Richmond, Williamstown, Dallas, San Francisco) with the exceptional academic collaboration between the Musée Fabre and FRAME museums, notably the Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown. In 2007, the newly renovated Musée Fabre hosted the outstanding exhibition ' Impressionism in France and America '. 

In 2012, in the context of the French-North American cooperative organisation FRAME, the Musée Fabre and the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse joined forces with Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford to present the exceptional exhibition ' Bodies and Shadows, Caravaggio and European Caravaggism '.

Michel Hilaire, Head Curator, Director of the Musée Fabre, is a member of the FRAME board of directors. 

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