FRANÇOIS ROUAN Weavings1966 - 2016

3 February 2017 - 30 April 2017

  • Tableau de François Rouan
  • Tableau de François Rouan - Voyage hiver
  • Tableau de François Rouan - Trotteuses X
  • Tableau de François Rouan - Jardin taboué IV

The work of François Rouan has long been shown around the world. He was born in Montpellier in 1943 yet until now the artist has never had a retrospective exhibition in his native city.
The Musée Fabre wanted to bring his work into the spotlight and particularly painting, the heart of the matter.
It was here in Montpellier that Rouan had his first aesthetic experiences; surrealist book bindings, inscription at the School of Fine Arts and his first motif studies influenced by Fauvism. During his first visit to the Musée Fabre in 1957 he was overwhelmed by the discovery of masterpieces such as 'The Bathers' by Courbet and 'La Toilette' and 'View of the Village' by Bazille. Less than ten years later he exhibited a painting alongside a group of twenty young painters from the Camille Descossy studio in the exhibition 'Young Painters from the Montpellier School' (1966).
Since then, the artist has continually questioned the nature of painting to create his own free and unique vision: "Real painting unveils itself at the point where the object shows a resistance to fully revealing its own image." He was inspired by Matisse's cut papers and his friendship with Balthus during his residency at the Medici Villa. However he did not follow preconceived ideas. The weaving technique which he used from his earliest years, around 1965, was more than a technique or a state of mind. It was the driving force for his constantly evolving production and thought processes.
The exhibition looks back over fifty years of prolific work which oscillates between an almost austere monochrome and an exuberance of colour with a watermark representation of an omnipresent body. The exhibition visit offers a chronological vision, divided into five decades from 1966 until 2016, punctuated with series' of historic works. Visitors can perceive the scale of an art in perpetual movement and discover unique paintings, newly created by the artist.


Dans le cadre de l'exposition François Rouan tressages 1966 - 2016, nous vous invitons à découvrir le film

" Objet Tressage " réalisé par l'artiste avec le soutien du musée Fabre et dédié spécialement à cette exposition.

Ces projections auront lieu à l'auditorium, à partir du samedi 4 février, aux dates et horaires suivants :

Mardi : 11h30 et 15h00

Jeudi : 11h30

Vendredi : 11h30

Samedi : 11h30 et 15h00

Dimanche : 11h30 et 15h00

A l'exception des 24 février, 11, 17, 30 et 31 mars, 20 et 22 avril

1er avril: séance uniquement à 15h

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