Bodies and Shadows, Caravaggio and European Caravaggism

23 June 2012 - 14 October 2012

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The Musée Fabre of Montpellier Agglomération and the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse are both members of FRAME (French Regional American Museum Exchange), the organisation for French-American cooperation. They have joined together to produce an exhibition-event dedicated to European Caravaggism, in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford.

The exhibition Bodies and Shadows, Caravaggio and European Caravaggism is recognised as being of National Interest by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

The French-American partnership allows to reveal to the European and American public a selection of 130 masterpieces from Caravaggio to Rembrandt or Georges de la Tour, rarely loaned, made possible through the cooperation of prestigious international institutions such as the National Gallery in London, the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, the Museo del Prado in Madrid… Montpellier et Toulouse, the two historic capitals of the Languedoc, sensitive to the Caravaggism at the beginning of the 17th century, are the perfect hosts for this exhibition, the first of its kind dedicated to the complete Caravaggesque movement. The Musée Fabre of Montpellier Agglomération and the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse present simultaneously two complementary halves of the exhibition planned as a diptych:

  • in the Musée Fabre of Montpellier Agglomeration, the Italian, French and Spanish Caravaggism: Caravaggio, his first followers (Gentileschi, Manfredi…), then his influence on the Spanish school (Ribera, Vélasquez, Zurbarán) and French (Valentin, Vouet…), up to painter of reality Georges de la Tour.
  • in the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse, the Flemish and Dutch Caravaggism: the Utrecht school (Terbrugghen, Honthorst…), The Dutch painters of history (Bramer, Rembrandt…), the Flemish baroque (Jordaens, Seghers …).

Exhibition opening times

Open every day 10am – 8pm, except Mondays in June, July and August.
Exceptionally open on Mondays 10am – 8pm from September, only valid for the exhibition Bodies and Shadows.
Open 14 July and 15 August.

For a good conservation of the paintings, the temperature in the exhibition rooms is set at 20°C .

Ticket prices

Full rate 9€/ Pass’Agglo 8€ / Reduced rate 7€
The entrance ticket gives access to the permanent collections and the department of Decorative Arts.

Reduced rate at the Musée Fabre of Montpellier  Agglomeration on presentation of the entrance ticket from the exhibition at the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse.