Art and Material: The sense of touch at the heart of art discovery

Galerie tactile vue d'ensemble
Galerie tactile Eloquence de Bourdelle

The Musée Fabre offers a unique exhibition in France: 'Art and Material - Tactile Sculpture Gallery', in partnership with The Louvre. Open from December 10th 2016 - May 28th 2017

Visitors have a unique chance to discover art through ten sculpture casts. For this event visitors are invited to explore casts with their fingertips and to enjoy a new, intimate and sensory experience of the museum's collections.

At a time when digital, virtual and the dematerialised are ever present 'Art and Material - Tactile Sculpture Gallery', attempts to bring touch back into the heart of art discovery. This gallery makes perfect sense because the museum is a place which favours sensitivity and a physical confrontation with the object. It's a unique experience which asks visitors to take a different look at art and to challenge their instinctive point of view. 

At the heart of the museum there is a dedicated media space for information, interpretation and learning. There are two key axes: 

The Musée Fabre has long given priority to its accessibility policy for special needs visitors. In accordance with the 2005 legal requirements for special needs access the Musée Fabre takes the utmost care to ensure that all visitors can enjoy the museum in optimum conditions. In recognition of its work the museum received the 'Heritage for All' award in 2016 from the Ministry of Culture 

'Do Not Touch' is one of the fundamental rules in a Fine Arts museum. In order to preserve the condition of artworks there is a minimum distance which it is necessary to respect between object and visitor. However here the exhibition offers a different way of discovering art by using our other senses. 

This gallery offers the visitor: 

  • A new experience and a unique discovery of art through sculpture casts. 
Galerie tactile consultation de Laure
Laure consulting the tactile gallery

Using touch visitors will develop a new perception of artworks which are already familiar but through their other senses.

Galerie tactile la Frileuse

The exhibition is accompanied by audio posts, fun learning activities and guided visits with masked eyes to help visitors learn to 'see' with their hands.

A cognitive and sensory approach to better discover and memorise the works.


  •     Discover the history of sculpture from Ancient times to the 20th century. 

Learn about different sculpture techniques with a selection of casts and multi-sensorial gallery activities

A collection of ten casts taken from masterpieces in the Musée Fabre and The Louvre offer a rich panorama of the history of sculpture, from Ancient times to the 20th century. 


  • A space for research and experiments

The exhibition offers the occasion for museum teams and numerous scientific and cultural partners to lead essential research which will develop knowledge in communication, accessibility and cognitive perception of art.

Atelier de Benoit Mesnier
Benoit Mesnier's studio