Art and Material

10 December 2016 - 10 December 2017

  • Moulage de Voltaire assis
  • Moulage de la frileuse
  • Moulage du buste de Francois-Xavier Fabre
  • Moulages de plusieurs pièces
  • Mur de matieres différentes

A new experience of art

If one took it upon oneself to ask a blind person if he would like to see: "If curiosity did not dominate me, he says, I would very much like to have long arms. It seems to me that my hands would be better able to teach me about what happens on the moon than your eyes or your telescopes," Diderot, Letter about the blind for those who can see, 1749


The sense of touch at the heart of art discovery

A new experience of art through ten sculpture casts.


Initiation trail stages

Awakening the senses for a deeper understanding


The sculptor's workshop

A multi-sensorial gallery for an immersion in the history and techniques of sculpture


Children, visitors, artists, art historians, the visually impaired and the fully-sighted offer a mulititude of perceptions about sculpture.

Art and Material: 5 works from the Musée Fabre, with artwork NOTES and VOCABULARY .


Le musée Fabre lance un CONCOURS aux scolaires du CP à la Terminale ,cliquez sur:«  Imaginez le personnage de Zila   »

Le concours est ouvert sur inscription du 20 février 2017 au 16 juin 2017


le musée expose 12 installations photographiques de Sophie Calle, tirées de la série "Les aveugles", 1986.



The Louvre Museum

The Louvre has had a specifically designed space for visitors with special needs (blind, visually impaired or mentally handicapped) since 1995. It holds themed exhibitions using sculpture casts. The works on show are plaster or resin casts of original sculptures which are often displayed elsewhere in the Louvre collections. By adopting this same sensitive approach with its exhibition 'Art and Material', the Musée Fabre has received curatorial and material support from The Louvre. The partnership linking the two institutions means that the Montpellier project enjoys the full benefit of the Louvre's experience in this subject. The Paris museum has also loaned five sculpture casts to complement the five created by the Musée Fabre inspired by its own collection. 

FAF, French Federation of the Blind, Languedoc-Roussillon

Members of FAF-LR have regularly participated in the specially adapted visits organised by the Musée Fabre since their creation, and its professional services have organised several group workshops with young people and accompanying adults. 
With this exhibition the FAF-LR wishes to develop and ensure that the existing collaboration continues, in order to strengthen the Musée Fabre's actions and to enable a larger number of visually impaired people to benefit from the project. The FAF-LR also wishes to make more people aware of its two fundamental actions: the community action for disadvantaged people and the artistic project for all.  

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Découvrez la programmation et les réservations autour de l'exposition pour les adultes individuels ou en groupe, pour le public scolaire, pour les familles, pour les ateliers de pratique artistique, pour les publics en situation de handicap:

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Du mardi au dimanche, de 10h à 18h, fermé le lundi.

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