Graphic arts

The Musée Fabre Graphic Arts gallery is renowned for its important and rich collection. It holds over 5000 works (drawings, engravings, prints) and was created due to the generosity of several local benefactors (Fabre, Valedau, Bonnet-Mel, Canonge, Bruyas, Cabanel). This collection contains a wide range of drawings from the Italian Renaissance (Raphael, Daniele da Volterra), remarkable collections of French drawings from the 17th century (Le Brun, Le Sueur) and NeoClassical art (Fabre, Gauffier) as well as Modern and Contemporary works (Hugo, Matisse, Hollan).

The works on paper are very fragile and stored in reserve collections. They are only displayed occasionally and in accordance with conservation requirements for graphic works which limit their exhibition time to three months every three years and under very low intensity lighting (less than 50 lux).

The collection has been entirely digitised and is available online in the

section 'Search for artworks'. The collections at the heart of the trail are shown throughout the year in themed exhibitions.


Discover the development of Montpellier's coastline and first seaside resorts in the Bonnet-Mel Gallery.

Voyage along the river Lez with drawings displayed in the Bruyas Gallery. They are remarkable examples of early interest shown by artists for this river which flows through Montpellier.