Griffons Gallery

This superb gallery, which was known as the 'Mr. The Director's private galleries' during Fabre's epoch, has found again its grandeur and Neo-Etruscan frieze commissioned by Fabre from Thomas Baroffi, thus highlighting great French and Italian religious and classical landscape paintings from the 17th century. The diversity of Italian painting, under the influence of Caravaggio (Pretti, Ribera, waning Mannerisim (Cigoli) and Bolognese Classicism (Dominiquin et Cagnacci) is evident here. The works by Poussin, Bourdon (active in Rome and Paris but born in Montpellier), Vouet and Blanchard show the affirmation of French painting between 1630 and 1670 in the face of Italian models and different movements (Atticism, Venetianism).