First floor: Despous de Paul Rooms.

The first floor of the private town house, dating to 1874-1875, depicts the daily setting for the Count and Countess Charles Despous de Paul. It is a rare snapshot of the eclectic and opulent interiors of the wealthy bourgeoisie from the second half of the 19th century. The floor features three ceremonial rooms overlooking the Esplanade.

The dining room has an austere aspect with its decoration inspired by theHaute Epoque.It leads to a grand reception room called the Green Salon whose luxurious decoration takes its inspiration from the late 18th century and reveals the host's social standing.

The final room, known as the Red Salon, is a more intimate reception room dominated by a more fanciful taste. Madame Frédéric Sabatier d’Espeyran inherited the house in 1923 on the death of her grandmother, Countess Fanny Despous de Paul. She preserved preciously the original furnishings in both salons until her bequest to the Musée Fabre in 1967.

Ist floor: The monumental staircase

L'escalier monumental

The staircase proportions and ornamentation add to the building's splendour. In keeping with the tradition of monumental staircases...

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The Vestibule

Vestibule du 1er étage

The vestibule welcomes visitors into the building's public apartments and opens onto the large reception salon. The portrait...

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The antechamber

Antichambre du 1er étage

The antechamber overlooks Rue Montpelliéret and the courtyard of the private town house. It is situated at the...

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The Dining Room

Salle à manger

In keeping with its historical spirit, a neo-17th century atmosphere dominates the dining room. The painted wallpaper, made...

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Green Salon

Salon vert

The Green salon takes its names from the colour of the textured brocade, patterned with large flowers, used...

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The Red Salon

Salon rouge

The Red Salon is the most personal reception room and where the art of upholstery is at its...

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