My sculpture, your sculpture, her sculpture

Art and Material

This series of personal statements by children, visitors, artists, art historians, sighted and non-sighted people offers you a multitude of perceptions about sculpture.

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Michel Hilaire,

Curator General, Heritage
Director of the Musée Fabre

Laure Olives,

Access consultant for the visually impaired

Bertrand Verine,

President of the FAF Federation for the visually impaired, Languedoc Roussillon

Sabine Kessler,

Specialist sculpture conservator

Museum visitors

Pablo, 7 years

Saskia, 8 years

Benoit Mesnier,

We are deeply grateful to those people who made this mosaic of interviews possible

Director: Cyril Laucournet

Interview and story board: Jennifer Gomez, Floriana Crocellà

Translation and insert LSF:  Julie Mollet, Fabien Girard, J.Carlos Carreras, Cyril Esmenjaud

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