Gustave Courbet: Retrospective

13 June 2008 - 27 September 2008

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Gustave Courbet was a highly prolific artist whose work remains centrally important to an understanding of French 19th-century painting. The last major retrospective of his paintings was held in 1977, at the Grand Palais in Paris.

The present exhibition is a timely tribute to Courbet's career, which was closely associated with the collector Alfred Bruyas, who later donated some of his finest works to the Musée Fabre, in the city of his birth. The Musée Fabre has joined forces with the Musée d’Orsay and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art to organise this long-awaited international retrospective of Courbet's work. The event revisits Courbet's œuvre in the light of new research carried out since 1977, notably for the exhibition Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet, which presented works from the Bruyas collection, organised in conjunction with FRAME (the French American Museums Exchange). The exhibition aims to trace the history of Courbet's artistic evolution, from his early Romantic works to the late paintings executed in Switzerland after the dramatic events surrounding the Paris Commune. It includes all of Courbet's best-known masterpieces together with many rediscovered works from public and private collections all over the world. This major exhibition – in the Musée Fabre's new temporary exhibition space – coincides with international conferences in Paris and Ornans, Courbet's home region.

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