Georges Dezeuze, retrospective

19 June 1998 - 30 October 1998

As part of its ambitious programme of temporary exhibitions highlighting different aspects of classical and contemporary art (The Grand Siècle, 1993, Jean Hugo, 1995, Vincent Bioulès, 1995-96, Claude Viallat,1997...).

The Musée Fabre presents one of Languedoc's leading 20th-century artists: Georges Dezeuze. Trained at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Montpellier and Paris, Dezeuze was a founder member of the Groupe Frédéric Bazille in 1937, and joined the prestigious Groupe Montpellier-Sète in 1956. Dezeueze's powerful work, and his remarkable talent as a teacher, influenced a whole generation of artists including Vincent Bioulès, Claude Viallat and François Rouan. The exhibition explores Dezueze's wide-ranging talent, from landscapes and portraits to still-lives, with a selection of 50 canvases from a number of public and private collections.