Romantisme et classicisme

Romanticism and Classicism

The first floor of the Jesuit college, built in 1630 as the city residence of the Bishop of...

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La modernité de 1850 à 1914

Modernity 1850 - 1914

The rooms 37 - 42 on the second floor of the Jesuit college mark a clean break with...

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L'après guerre, entre figuration et abstraction

Post War, between Figurative and Abstract art

The question of Figurative art reoccurs frequently during the 20th century. It was shaken by the tragic episodes...

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Le renouveau de la peinture à l'époque contemporaine

Renewal of painting during the Contemporary period

Simon Hantaï, was a Hungarian painter born in 1922 who moved to France in 1948. He marked Abstract...

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