Second floor: Sabatier d'Espeyran Rooms

The second floor of the town house is furnished with prestigious period furniture from the 18th century. In keeping with the wishes of Madame Frédéric Sabatier d’Espeyran's 1967 bequest, furniture and objects of art originally from her Parisian apartment at 41 avenue Hoche are displayed here.

The floor, stripped of its original furnishings, was converted and the exhibition design dedicated to displaying these objects. The rich collection reveals the refined and enlightened taste the Sabatier d’Espeyran, a family of great art lovers.

It includes remarkable pieces stamped by the most important master carpenters and cabinetmakers of the 18th century. In 2002 the bequest from the Montpellier antique dealer Jean-Pierre Rouayroux enriched the coherence of the Musée Fabre's decorative arts collection. The harmony of the collections enables a deeper understanding and appreciation of the evolution of French furniture from the Regency period until the early 19th century.

The monumental staircase: 2nd floor

L'escalier monumental

The staircase proportions and ornamentation add to the building's splendour. In keeping with the tradition of monumental staircases...

Artworks of trail

Bouisson-Bertrand Vestibule

Le vestibule Bouisson-Bertrand

From the vestibule the views into the antechamber and bedroom give a glimpse of the sumptuous collections of...

Artworks of trail

Rouayroux Antechamber

Antichambre Rouayroux

The antechamber furniture evokes the Regency period. Two commodes illustrate the origins of fine French cabinetwork. The example...

Artworks of trail

Corner Salon

Le salon d'angle

The reign of Louis XV and the Rococo style dominate the interior decoration of the Corner Salon. It...

Artworks of trail

The Bedroom

La chambre

A rich selection of gilded wood furniture decorates the bedroom with its imposinglit a la turquebed and set...

Artworks of trail

The Study

Le cabinet de travail

The trail ends in the study where the Neoclassical style reigns supreme. The cylinder desk is an emblematic...

Artworks of trail