Neoclassical Painting

This section which extends over two floors is important both for its scale and quality. It follows the development of French painting from the Ancient Regime, from 1760, until the early 19th century. The works from the legacy of François Xavier Fabre form an essential part of this section.

Greuze Room

salle Greuze

This gallery, which was once the catalogue room of the old municipal library, is dominated by Vernet and...

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David Room

Salle David

This room features three major figures from early French Neoclassicism; David, with five paintings, Vien, native to Montpellier...

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Houdon Gallery

Galerie Houdon

The former municipal library reading room which dates from 1869-1841 now holds large Neoclassical paintings. These works are...

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Gauffier Room

salle Gauffier

This collection of paintings is emblematic of European Neoclassical landscape art. It comes mostly from the donation by...

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Demarne Room

Salle Demarne

In this small room, which was once François-Xavier Fabre's painting studio, are gathered landscapes and genre scenes. They...

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Girodet Room

Salle Girodet

This room holds historical paintings and portraits painted by Fabre's contemporaries and friends such as Girodet, Prud’hon, Desmarais,...

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Fabre Room

Salle Fabre

This final room pays tribute to François-Xavier Fabre, painter, collector and founder of Montpellier's museum with a panorama...

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