European Paintings and Sculpture from 15th - mid 18th century.

The monumental staircase was conceived by Fabre during the development of the first museum. It leads to the first floor and the rest of the Antique trail. The display of European paintings and sculptures covers the 14th - 18th century, often grouping together different schools and thus demonstrating the international face of artistic movements.

Jeu de Paume Room

Salle du Jeu de Paume

In this room, which holds paintings and antique sculpture casts from Fabre's epoch, are displayed several masterpieces of...

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Griffons Vestibule

Vestibule des Griffons

Just like the previous room, this small vestibule has existed since the origins of the Musée Fabre when...

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Griffons Gallery

Galerie des Griffons

This superb gallery, which was known as the 'Mr. The Director's private galleries' during Fabre's epoch, has found...

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Collector's Study

Cabinet d'amateur

This small linear room, renovated with precious wood, links the two wings of the Hotel du Chevalier de...

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Zurbarán Room

salle Zurbaran

This room displays a collection of Italian landscapes from the 17th century, featuring the painters Mola, Salvatore Rose,...

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Fabre Salon

Salon Fabre 1

This collector's study, one of the rooms from François Xavier Fabre's private apartment, displays a superb collection of...

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Bernin Room

salle Bernin

The devotional fervour unique to Italian and Spanish art of the 17th century can be seen in this...

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Bourdon Room

salle Bourdon

Today, François-Xavier Fabre's former reception room holds paintings from the late 17th century and Regency period. As the...

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Raoux Room

salle Raoux

This room, which was formerly known as the Treasury room, already belonged to the first Musée Fabre and...

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Columns Gallery

Galerie des colonnes

The Columns Gallery displays a panorama of the evolution of 18th century historical painting. Its exceptional collection of...

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Subleyras Room

salle Subleyras

In this room the Musée Fabre hosts an exceptional display of its latest acquisitions. The display will be...

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