European painting and sculpture from the 15th to the mid-18th centuries

The monumental staircase designed by Fabre for the museum's earliest incarnation, leads to the first floor of the Hôtel de Massilian, and the continuation of the museum's collections of pre-19th-century European art. European paintings and sculpture from the 15th to the mid-18th centuries are grouped according to their various schools, testifying to the internationalising character of artistic movements during this period.

Salle du Jeu de Paume: the Real Tennis Court gallery

Salle du Jeu de Paume

In Fabre's day, this gallery presented paintings and casts of antique sculptures. Today, it is devoted to...

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The Griffin Hall

Vestibule des Griffons

Like the previous gallery, this room was used for the display of artworks in Fabre's day, and...

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The Griffin Gallery

Galerie des Griffons

This superb space was known in Fabre's day as the Galeries particulières de M. le directeur ("the...

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A collector's cabinet

Cabinet d'amateur

This small, elongated gallery lined with hardwood panelling connects the two wings of the Hôtel du Chevalier...

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Zurbaran Gallery

salle Zurbaran

This themed gallery presents religious works of the Counter-Reformation, extending the collections on display in the Griffin...

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Salon Fabre 1

Salon Fabre 1

This second interpretive gallery is devoted to the painter and collector François-Xavier Fabre, the founder of the...

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Bernini Gallery

salle Bernin

Realist French and Italian works of the 17th century are displayed in what was once the bedroom...

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Bourdon Gallery

salle Bourdon

Following on from its representative survey of European painting from the 14th century to the first half...

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Salle Raoux

salle Raoux

This gallery, formerly known as the Salle du Trésor, formed part of the original Musée Fabre when...

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The Gallery of Columns

Galerie des colonnes

The Galerie des Colonnes was built circa 1875 to house the collection of Alfred Bruyas, and a...

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Subleyras Gallery

salle Subleyras

Built in 1877, the gallery was intended to link the Galerie des Colonnes with the north side...

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