Flemish and Dutch painting in the 17th century

The itinerary begins in the Hôtel du Chevalier de Massilian, with the galleries of 17th-century northern European paintings, arranged in five rooms on a smaller, intimate scale, reminiscent of a traditional "collector's cabinet." The museum's important, stylistically coherent collection features a number of masterpieces, mostly from the Antoine Valedau bequest.

Rubens Gallery

Salle Rubens

This large gallery, devoted to Flemish 17th-century art, is divided into three sections: works by Breughel the...

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Dou Gallery

Salle Dou

The first of three galleries devoted to Dutch art presents paintings from the period 1630-1650, which saw...

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Steen Gallery

Salle Steen

Continuing on from Room 4, the Steen Gallery presents Dutch works from the period 1650-1660, the apogee...

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Hondius Gallery

Salle Hondius

The gallery presents Dutch works from the last three decades of the 17th century, characterised by an...

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Berchem Gallery

Salle Berchem

The gallery presents the Italianising tendency in 17th-century northern European painting. Asselijn, Berchem, Dujardin, Moucheron and the...

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