Flemish and Dutch paintings of the 17th century

The Antique trail begins in the Hôtel du chevalier du Massilian with the collections of 17th century Northern European art. They are displayed in five intimate sized rooms which can be compared to a private art collector's study. A large part of this collection comes from the legacy of Antoine Valedau and is significant both for the quality of the works and their stylistic coherence.

Hondius Room

Salle Hondius

This room holds examples of Dutch art from the late 17th century. There was an evolution towards more...

Artworks of trail

Berchem Room

Salle Berchem

Gathered here are paintings in the Nordic Italianate style from the 17th century. Asselijn, Berchem, Dujardin, Moucheron and...

Artworks of trail