Romanticism and Classicism

Works exhibited on the first floor of the Collège des Jésuites – installed in 1630 in the city palace of the Bishop of Maguelone – illustrate the tensions that characterised French painting in the 1830s and 1840s. The art world was torn between the classical aspirations of Ingres or Cabanel, and the expressive emotionalism of the Romantics (Delacroix, Géricault...); between the advocates of a polished technique based on precision drawing, and the free use of colour as a medium of passionate emotional expression; between ancient and modern history (Monvoisin); between the depiction of the European world, and an idealised vision of the Orient. Landscape painting underwent a significant period of renewal, and was itself divided between a taste for the picturesque (Richard, Danvin), and the expression of a new, humanised, poetic sensitivity to nature (Corot, Rousseau). These diverse trends are especially apparent in the collection of Alfred Bruyas (1821-1876), a wealthy, passionate collector who devoted his life and fortune to patronising the art of his day, and the assembling of a truly unique collection of works1, which he ultimately bequeathed to the Musée Fabre, in his native city of Montpellier.


Salle Romantisme

This vaulted gallery marks the start of the museum's itinerary of modern and contemporary art, housing works...

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Préault Gallery

Salle Préault

The vaulted gallery presents large-format, anecdotal, Romantic works: picturesque landscapes of the French regions, and "troubador" scenes...

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Bruyas Gallery

Galerie Bruyas

This long gallery, opening onto the Bazille Court, displays small-format works, mostly from the collection of Alfred...

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Delacroix and Orientalism

Salle Delacroix et l'orientalisme

Two masterpieces by Delacroix, Women of Algiers in their Apartment and Moroccan Military Exercises are displayed here...

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Ingres and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts

Salle Ingres et l'école des beaux arts

Works illustrating the highly developed taste and teachings of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts are grouped here, around...

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Cabanel and the Académie

Salle Cabanel et l'Académie

Created during the museum's recent refurbishment and renovation, this gallery pays tribute to the Montpellier painter Alexandre...

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Injalbert Gallery

Galerie Injalbert

This light-filled gallery is a covered terrace opening onto the Bazille and Bourdon Courts, leading to the...

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