The monumental staircase: 2nd floor

The staircase proportions and ornamentation add to the building's splendour. In keeping with the tradition of monumental staircases in Classical period private town houses it occupies a considerable amount of space, both horizontally and vertically. Its mural is a remarkable example of the trompe-l'oeil style of the late 19th century. The false-marble panels imitate green campan, sarrancolin and grey or white breche marble. The false-wood panelling imitates mahogany. Cast iron furnishings, a gaslight and an umbrella stand by Corneau Feères in Charleville, adorn the staircase. On the first landing there are two busts representing illustrious members of Madame Sabatier d’Espeyran's family. The portrait of her great-uncle, Cardinal de Cabrières, Bishop of Montpellier, 1873-1921, is by Jean Antoine Injalbert. The portrait of Baron Augustin Creuzé de Lesser, Prefect of the Hérault, 1817-1830, was sculpted in marble by Auguste Baussan.