The Study

The trail ends in the study where the Neoclassical style reigns supreme. The cylinder desk is an emblematic piece of furniture from the late 18th century. The model by the cabinetmaker Ferdinand Bury (master in 1774) is an example of the style known asà la grecque.The strict and elegant lines of the cabinetmaker furniture, veneered with wood carved with the grain, are highlighted with utmost refinement by gilded bronze. A remarkable collection of large ornamental bronzes decorate the room. The pair of candelabras, formed from female figures draped in antique robes, are attributed to the renowned bronzesmith François Rémond. The painted metalbateaubed, and its decoration, were inspired by Antiquity, just like the openwork lyre shaped backs of the two chairs stamped by the Nimes carpenter Pillot. The paintings and carefully displayed Antique ceramics evoke the world of collectors such as François-Xavier Fabre (1766 - 1837) and Antoine Valedau (1777 - 1836) who would preside over the creation of the Musée Fabre.