The Bedroom

A rich selection of gilded wood furniture decorates the bedroom with its imposinglit a la turquebed and set ofa la reinestyle furniture. The seating tapestry features classical iconography from 'Fables de la Fontaine' stories and was created in the great royal factories, then widely spread by the Aubusson workshops during the 18th century. On the walls, hangings highlight the art of weavers, whose tapestries embellish grand interiors of aristocratic houses. The move from the curvilinear Rococo style towards to strict architectural creations during the reign of Louis XIV can be seen in several pieces of Transition furniture; the golden age for marquetry makers. The inlay on thebonheur-du-jourbureau shows the influence of the art of Topino. This piece of ladies furniture which was highly fashionable around 1760 served as a bureau. It reveals the new requirements for furniture designed for private correspondence. Two folding desks show differing model designs.