Corner Salon

The reign of Louis XV and the Rococo style dominate the interior decoration of the Corner Salon. It is adorned with masterpieces from the collection: the commode inlaid with floral bough marquetry, stamped by Adrien Delorme (master in 1748) and the standing clock by the watchmaker Jean-Baptiste Baillon. The furniture is of a rare elegance with curvilinear profiles, refined inlaid decorative floral details and bronzes inspired by plant life. Ornamental furnishings, both mobile and lightweight were increasingly popular. The writing table and sloping bureau suited the private world of salons. Cabriolet style chairs, with curved backs, were moved between rooms depending on where they were needed, earning them the name 'flying furniture'. The two cabriolet armchairs bear the prestigious stamp of Nicolas Quinibert Foliot (master in 1729), supplier of furniture to the royal household. The folding screen was made in the south of France and its five painted screens show illustrations of craftsmen.