The Red Salon

The Red Salon is the most personal reception room and where the art of upholstery is at its finest. The wall decoration is composed of red brocade hangings and gilded dark wood panelling. A collection of six paintings from the 18th century by Tiebout Regters (1710-1768) showing the Dutch ancestors of the Countess Despous de Paul adorn the walls.

The upholstered furniture matches the decor and is covered with the same damask as the curtains. The piano by the Marseille makers Boisselot et Fils forms the salon's centrepiece. The presence of this instrument adds to the sense of intimacy in this room. The desk in the centre of the room imitates the gilded bronze models by Charles Cressent (1685-1768), a famous cabinetmaker of the Regency period. The gilded bronzes on the cabinetwork dark wood and patera feature iconographic courting images from the 18th century with putti and cherubin characters.