The antechamber

The antechamber overlooks Rue Montpelliéret and the courtyard of the private town house. It is situated at the rear of the reception rooms and was originally a service area used as an office. The recreated interior transforms it into an internal vestibule leading to the dining room. It holds furniture from the Restoration period; a Japanese lacquer console table, stamped Béfort Père, and four gilded wood chairs, with woven lampas and Indian damask. They come from a collection of salon furniture bequeathed by Alfred Bruyas in 1876. Portraits of the Sabatier family, dating from the 19th century, decorate the antechamber. A painting by Gustave Ricard and a marble bust by Lorenzo Bartolini depict Caroline Ungher, the famous Vienna opera singer and Beethoven's muse. Her husband, François Sabatier, is shown in the portrait by Eugène Devéria. He was a brilliant intellectual and defended the modern art of his friend, Gustave Courbet.