The Vestibule

The vestibule welcomes visitors into the building's public apartments and opens onto the large reception salon. The portrait of Eugène Despous (1786 - 1867), the miniatures and family souvenirs invite visitors into the lives of the first people who lived here. The lamps composed of bouquets of fleur-de-lys and roses illuminate the dark wood furnishings highlighted with rich bronze gilding. The decoration reveals clearly the luxurious 19th century interiors which have been enriched with recent acquisitions; the cabinet decorated with silvered bronze medallions and an exceptional pair of cabinets attributed to Béfort Son. The marquetry in brass and blue stained horn in the style of André-Charles Boulle is combined with porcelain panels which evoke the prestigious Neoclassical pieces made by Martin Carlin. Two Meissen porcelain statues from the 19th century complete the interior.