The Griffin Gallery

This superb space was known in Fabre's day as the Galeries particulières de M. le directeur ("the Director's personal galleries"). Restored to its former dimensions, it features a Neo-Etruscan frieze by Thomas Baroffi, commissioned by Fabre. The gallery provides a fitting setting for large-format French and Italian religious paintings and classical landscapes of the 17th century. The diversity of Italian painting during this period is reflected in the works of Carravaggist painters such as Pretti and Ribera, the Late Mannerists (Cigoli) and classicising artists of the Bolognese school (Domenichino and Cagnacci). Works by Poussin, the Montpellier-born painter Bourdon (chiefly active in Rome and Paris), Vouet and Blanchard illustrate the rise of a distinctive French school in the period 1630-70, in the face of a bewildering array of Italian movements and trends (Atticism, Venetianism..)