The musée Fabre puts archives freely consultable at researchers' disposal. These documents have been digitalised from the museum's or private files and are related to Montpellier cultural life, donators, and artists from our collections. The researchers are invited to share their work with the musée Fabre (contact: documentation centre).

Artist letters (in French):

(about his "Phaedra")

(about "Exercices militaires des marocains" given in 1868 by Bruyas to the museum)

(Nicolas-Didier Boguet, landscape painter and friend of Fabre)

(Mr. Delmotte, librarian and curator of the Achives of State in Mons)

Archives on-line , soon available (in French)...

Calvet Archives
Documents issued from the archives of the Montpellier painter Gérard Calvet (born in 1926) relative to the Montpellier-Sète group, founded in 1953.

Azema Archives
Documents issued from the archives of Pierre Azéma, Director of Culture of Montpellier between the two World Wars.

Dupin Archives
Documents issued from the studio of the Languedocian sculptor Albert Dupin (1910-2005).
The invitation cards of the Jean Fournier gallery
All the invitation cards of the Jean Fournier gallery from 1954 until 2006, as digitalized for the tribute exhibition La couleur toujours recommencée .

Catalogues des collections

Le musée Fabre met à votre disposition les catalogues anciens des collections permanentes. Consultez le catalogue des œuvres exposées en 1828, sous la direction de François-Xavier Fabre, et les catalogues des collections des grands donateurs du XIXe siècle : Alfred Bruyas, Frédéric Bouisson, Calixte Cavalier.