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Sponsorship and the musée Fabre

Sponsorship and the musée Fabre: a textbook case

The story of the musée Fabre is intimately bound to those of its important donors, as well collectors as artists, up until today: François-Xavier Fabre founds the museum in 1825 and enriches its collections in 1837 with a bequest. Antoine Valedau bequeaths in 1836 an exceptional collection of Flemish and Dutch artworks from the 17th Century. At the end of 19th Century, Alfred Bruyas gives the masterpieces of Courbet and Delacroix, whch reinforce the reputation of the museum. At least, Pierre Soulages agrees to an exceptional donation of 20 of his paintings, profiting of the restructuration of the museum.

The torch has never stopped being passed on in Montpellier. The restructuration of the museum has aroused an unprecedented infatuation for this unique place, especially in the world of enterprises. 2007 has seen the creation of a foundation for the musée Fabre, thanks to the gathering of 25 societies convinced by the interest of sponsoring durably this cutural institution.

Nicollin ,
Caisse d’épargne Languedoc-Roussillon ,
Cours Diderot,
Languedoc Mutualité,
Groupama Sud,
OC Santé,
Bouygues Immobilier Méditerranée,
Crédit Immobilier de France,
FDI Groupe,
La gazette économique et culturelle
Cabinet d’architecture Tourre,
Véolia Eau,
Juripole Avocats,
Boutique Jean Gaillard,
Le Corum,
Cabinet d’architecture Chaumont
Cazes Bernard Godin

Besides this foundation, other sponsors have manifested, seduced by the dynamism and the international reputation of the museum: society Rambier Immobilier, the Courtois bank, foundation Auguste Morin...
May they be thanked again for their generous support.