Work in Progress: François Morellet - Discretion

27 June 2001 - 20 October 2001

Born in 1926, François Morellet is a leading figure in French abstract art. A founder member of the Groupe de Recherche et d'Actions Visuelles (GRAV) [la Grove Dictionary of Art], he turned early in his career – and before the American Minimalists – to a luminous exploration of line, the nature of the frame, and the nature of the picture itself.

His creative work subscribed to a series of rules, often mathematically-based, and incorporating elements of chance, often with humorous results. He has worked on numerous installations conceived in the context of specific spaces, and in 1986 created a monumental sculpture for the City of Montpellier: the recently-restored "Grand M" traffic circle. Following installations in Grenoble (1972), Nantes (1973), Angers (1982), Dijon (1983) and Bremen (1997), François Morellet brings his perceptive, witty approach to the Musée Fabre, witha series of works emphasising absences and details which are often overlooked by the visitor. Morellet "intervenes" in the museum's collections of Old Masters, creating "interruptions," gaps and elements of revealed geometry, like a minor tremor running through the collection, ahead of the massive upheaval that will soon overwhelm the venerable institution. The present exhibition is coupled with another intervention by the artist, entitled Carrément, at the Carré Sainte-Anne in Montpellier.