Video, an Art, an History 1965 - 2007

24 October 2008 - 17 January 2009

This exhibition shows for the very first time a real historical retrospective of video art from 1965 until nowadays, with a selection of works belonging to the New Media collection of the centre Georges Pompidou. Video as a creative mean of expression has appeared in the 60’s and has considerably developed during the last 40 years. It is marking our time as much as photography marked 19th Century.

This exhibition gathers on more than 1,500 m² around 40 works and artists among which Nam June Park, Bill Viola, Peter Campus, Dan Graham, Pipilotti Rist, Pierre Huygue, Aernout Mik, Laurent Grasso, Nora Martirosyan… These artists with different backgrounds (installation, performance, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, cinema…) have made works of three kinds: videos (shown on screens), sculptures (assemblage of screens), and installations (spatial installation involving the beholder). This exhibition shows video as an art of space and as a n art of time, along with aesthetic or critic sayings of the artists.

The exhibition is organized in five sections: For an imaginary television, where artists criticize mass media; Identity Research, where emergence of these new media coincide with the development of performance and installation. The section After cinema refers to videos of the 80’s and 90’s taking History and cinema on their own account. Visions of the World show the preoccupations of artists about reality and contemporary problems. Finally, the section Prospective Research shows artists mix video art with the most recent digital and virtual techniques.

Proposed by the department of New Media of the centre Georges Pompidou, this exhibition has travelled around the world since 2005: Barcelona, Taipei, Miami, Sydney, Lisbon. The muse Fabre of Montpellier Agglomération is the only venue of this special retrospective.

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