Sketches for a museum: designs for the new Musée Fabre

12 July 2001 - 22 September 2001

Computer-generated images, models, sections, axonometric projections: architects Olivier Brochet, Emmanuel Lajus, Christine Pueyo and Emmanuel Nebout deploy the full panoply of media to present their designs for the future Musée Fabre.

When renovation work is complete, the venerable institution will benefit from new, state-of-the-art spaces expanding the exhibition space for its permanent heritage collections – including new galleries highlighting the museum's little-known collections of drawings, and its significant restoration projects. At the same time, the museum's departments of modern and contemporary art will be able to develop their collections and presence, with a particular focus on works from the second half of the 20th century. Simon Hantaï, Hans Hartung, Pierre Soulages and Judith Reigl launched adventurous new abstract movements in the 1950s, while the Supports/Surfaces generation (Claude Viallat, Vincent Bioulès, Jean-Pierre Pincemin etc.) enabled painting to survive the challenge of Conceptual Art, and flourish once again – a legacy taken up by young American artists todays, such as James Hyde or David Reed.