Pierrette Bloch

9 July 2009 - 25 September 2009

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Celebrated in 2002 in the Centre Pompidou, Pierrette Bloch is now one of the main figures of painting in France. Her work, in the same time discreet through the means and fascinating by its creativeness, is one of the most original of our time. During the last fifty years, Pierrette Bloch enlarged the territory of painting, bringing her steps where no one before her dared to venture. With obstination, she imposed a vocabulary made of ink and matter, where each stain is the germ of a new universe.

L’Avventura, text by Sylvain Amic, Chief curator in the musée Fabre, curator of the exhibition.

« As each time that the works of Pierrette Bloch are agthered, the impreccion of a deep coherence is opposed the the hint of heterogeneity, the feeling of richness supersedes the feeling of rarefaction. Making so much with so little is more than clearing an unknown territory; it is creating this territory, it is extending the tissue of reality to a new frontier. One had to venture to do this, as Pierrette Blochlikes to do in certain despised margins. »

Interview of the artist with Elisabeth Amblard, Maître de conférences, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

« I am really absorbed by what I do. It is a journey. There is no finality. I just let things be. Everything depends on your state and of which you wish something to remain.
The studio is the most peaceful place. The calm of the studio interests me. The studio is a place where I withdraw. I cannot work elsewhere than in a studio. The house is organized around it. In the summer, I go until now near Narbonne. What is very odd is that the house I own in Narbonne looks like my flat in Paris (...). The studio is dedicated to activities,... it's a place of meetings too, meetings that I enjoy a lot. It is true that you are alone when you work. »

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