Pierre Buraglio : An aerial view

9 October 2009 - 2 January 2010

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The Musée Fabre pays homage to Pierre Buraglio, one of the most distinctive artists from the group Supports-Surfaces. He claims to be a painter as he positions himself within the history of painting. Yet, he has created his own universe made from the juxtaposition of small sections of canvas, bits of papers; always inexpensive or everyday material which he describes with the expression “the French toast economy”.

Stéphane Bordarier’s pictorial work, with his research into the qualities of colour and surface, confers upon him an unusual position within the French art world.
After featuring him at the heart of the inaugural exhibition La couleur toujours recommencée, Hommage à Jean Fournier, marchand d’art, the Musée Fabre wanted to dedicate an entire exhibition to him.
In his most recent work the painter pursues the creation of polyptychs by limiting himself to the use of just three colours: light ultramarine blue, red and ‘violet de mars’ (rich purple). Strange elongation of colour, overstepping the canvas limits though the horizontal…
This exhibition combines earlier paintings and drawings on canvas.

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