Jean Raoux (1677-1734)

27 November 2009 - 10 April 2010

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Jean Raoux (1677-1734) is, along with Sébastien Bourdon, Joseph-Marie Vien, François-Xavier Fabre and Frédéric Bazille, one of the great french artists born in Languedoc. The painter, a contemporary of Antoine Watteau, actively participated in the revival of French painting during the Regency. Virtuoso, sensual, elegant, Jean Raoux truly merits that his home town dedicates a major exhibition to him.

This first-ever retrospective reunites the artist’s most beautiful masterpieces, on loan from the great French museums as well as from collections in Germany, Austria, Italy, Britain, America and Russia. Rarely shown and with prestigious provenance, the paintings in this exhibition reveal the extent of his talent as portraitist of the aristocracy, of the world of performance, of historical and religious subjects, as well as a painter of genre scenes in the Dutch style. His artistry exalts the beauty of women, whether as a mythological heroine or a coquettish woman going about her everyday occupations. This selection highlights the multiple facets of Raoux, famous in his time and highly esteemed by Voltaire.