Eleanor Coppola - Circle of Memory

14 July 2007 - 15 September 2007

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As part of the Radio-France festival, Eleanor Coppola, wife of the famous film director, has associated with artists from the San Francisco bay, such as photographers, architects, sound and light engineers, to create and artwork in memory of children who disappeared or died of disease, accidents, violent actions, starvation, during a war…

This project needed three years of setting up and was motivated by the cruel death of her son at the age of 23 in a sea accident.
Inspired by an Irish site gathering structures of stone and probably used for mortuary ceremonies, Eleanor Coppola builds a circular wall made of straw ballots, in which the visitor enters through a translucent veil. In the heart of this chamber smelling of straw comes the whisper of an accumulation of salt grains, delicately covered by children voices reciting alphabets and numbers in many languages. According to E. Coppola, “Art can relieve us of our sufferings”, and here the meaning of this exhibition, allowing the visitors to meditate and to remember their departed children.

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