Claudio Parmiggiani: Shadow sculpture

29 March 2002 - 29 September 2002

Claudio Parmiggiani is one of the finest Italian artists of his generation. Born in 1943, his poetic, universal artistic language has established a lasting presence above and beyond the ephemeral trends embraced by the art world throughout so much of his career.

His work is acknowledged by leading cultural institutions, and is present in many of the world's most prestigious collections. He remains a deeply sincere artist, whose every gesture is the product of intense reflection. Claudio Parmiggianni transforms his materials – mercury or gold, earth or iron, dust or animal fat – with the skill of an alchemist, turning the simple into the sublime, the elementary into the metaphysical. Like many of his works, the Delocazione are a commentary on the essence of absence. Walls covered in grisaille paintwork conjure the ghosts of another time, and allow memories to take form in spaces where human activity has given way to emptiness and silence. Following on from Georges Rousse's installation at the Old Municipal Library in 2001, Claudio Parmiggiani has installed his works in the building's majestic reading room, standing empty while it awaits its incorporation into the future Musée Fabre. Celebrating the building's passage from the world of books to the world of art, a fragment of this monumental work will be retained within the renovated museum, testifying to the building's history, and its metamorphosis. To coincide with the exhibition, Editions Actes Sud are publishing the first comprehensive French monograph on Parmiggiani's work.