Catherine Ikam, « Identites »

4 February 1994 - 12 March 1994

Identities focuses on new technology in art. The tools may have changed, but the artist's creative approach remains the same, with artworks continuing their ceaseless, perennial exploration of life's essential mysteries, our emotionally-charged encounters with a sense of the Other.

Catherine Ikam presents three virtual works: Identity III is a video installation presenting a shattered, fragmented vision of the human face in space. L'Autre ("The Other") is a computer-generated face modelled in 3D and animated in real time, by computer. L'Autre lives in a virtual environment but interacts with visitors in the real world via a transmitter. Nothing is recorded, and each encounter is different. The range of expressions used to animate the face is inspired by Charles Le Brun's work on the physiognomy of human passions (1668). The third installation, Autoportraits ("Self portraits") uses digital collage techniques and 3D modelling to create virtual self portraits (cyber-faces) in the form of vanitas images.