Modern movements

Our popular vision of the artist as an inspired, solitary, creative genius was born with the Romantic era – the starting-point for the Musée Fabre's collections of modern art, which are housed in the northern wing of the Collège des Jésuites. Romanticism, Orientalism, Ingrism, Realism, Impressionism, and Fauvism are all represented, together with the rise of abstraction, which dominates the latter part of the collection, and the current re-emergence of painting as a contemporary creative force.

Romantisme et classicisme

Romanticism and Classicism

Works exhibited on the first floor of the Collège des Jésuites – installed in 1630 in the...

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La modernité de 1850 à 1914

Modern art from 1850 to 1914

Rooms 37 through to 42, on the second floor of the Collège des Jésuites, mark a complete...

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L'après guerre, entre figuration et abstraction

The post-war period, between figuration and abstraction

The question of figuration in art was constantly revisited throughout the 20th century, although shaken at times...

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Le renouveau de la peinture à l'époque contemporaine

The reaffirmation of painting in contemporary art

In an age marked by the proliferation of new image-making technologies, the persistence of painting as a...

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