A seascape enriches our Dutch collections

Van Diest, Marine, temps calme, vers 1646 Musée Fabre de Montpellier Agglomération - cliché Frédéric Jaulmes

Not much is known about Willem van Diest, a painter specialized in seascapes, establishing the worth of this tipically Dutch genre besides Porcellis, de Vlieger and van Goyen.

On this board painted in 1646, van Diest highlights the so subtle atmospherical effects of the Dutch coastline. the golden brown monochrome allows the beholder to seize light and its variations. The horizon, positionned very low, leaves a large sky where clouds and sun struggle, swept by squalls shown as lines engraved in the fresh paint, maybe with the haft of the paintbrush. The painter seized the quiet serenity of the morning, whilst fishers bring bakc their ship and their catch. The calm of this sunny seascape singularizes this painting within th Dutch seascape genre, mostly interested in surging weather and storms animated by several boats.

You may discover this new acqusition in Gallery 4.